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Haha, Points for Style, kiddies!
Current Residence: Earth
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Shell of choice: Red Koopa
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Winnie the Pooh
Personal Quote: "Hahah, Points for Style, Kiddies!"
So it's come to my attention that someone (XTheEliminator) has felt the need to tag me on deviantART.  I don't typically respond to these, but I'm bored and sleep-deprived enough to give it a shot.  There are apparently some rules tied to this particular tag, which are as follows:

1). Use Your OC (the one that was next to your icon when you were tagged)
2). No tagbacks.
3). Tag 6 people and choose one of their OCs. (no guarantee that this will happen)

So "Azura" was tagged.  That's really the only rule I plan to abide by, as I don't care about this whole "tagging" thing.  If you like it, do it yourself and say I made you do it.  Say it was at gun-point and I'll promise you a cookie, then never actually give you one.

Enough with the pleasantries, it's Tag-Time!

1). Hi! What's your name?

"Azura Carnell, but you can call me Az!"

2). Your age?

"Old enough to drink, but young enough to not want to!  What?"

3). Favorite color?

"If your first guess was blue, you'd be right.  If not, you need to get yourself checked up."

4). Favorite food and drink?

"Any dinner that involves cheese pizza with just about any fizzy drink is a good dinner.  Also ice cream.  Lots of ice cream.  Bubble-gum."

5). Who's your crush?

"It doesn't count as a crush if you're dating her.  I saved her life a few times, so that pretty much means we've decided to go steady!  At least I hope that's how it works."

6). If you have a crush, did you kiss yet?

"I've done things that if I told you about it, she'd probably hurt me."

7). Your hobbies?

"Cruisin' the web, beating up virus' and talking to the voice in my head."

8). Who are your friends?

"Well there's Orgo, a virus-program that lives in my head.  He's the guy that gives me super-strength and allows me to travel inside cyber-space!  Then there's Mobius and Vero, my anti-virus and web-atlas programs that Orgo re-wrote to life to help me fight viruses.  As for offline, I have a girlfriend named Lily... but that's about it.

9). Favorite weather?

"It's kind of weird for a half-virus to say this, but personally I love the smell of rain."

10). Which season do you prefer?

"I may love rain, but the cold Canadian Winters feel good.  I'm probably the only Canadian that loves how cold it gets here."

11). Your biggest fears?

"Did Ralas set this up to find out how to beat me in a fight?  Yeah right, like I'm going to tell you I don't like fire or heights... wait..."

12). Is there anyone you don't like?

"I can easily come up with a list of people I don't like, but I don't want to draw any public attention to them.  A lot of the people I'd list often attack me in cyber-space and I'm pretty sure they'll be reading this..."

13). Do you like cute things/persons?

"She knows who she is..."

14). A compliment you get to hear often?

"How aren't you dead yet?"

15). Weirdest persons you've ever met?

"I've fought rogue anti-virus programs, sentient viruses and a database record for a library that were all reprogrammed to delete me.  If you need something weirder than that, give me 10-minutes of browsing the net and I'm sure I'll run into something else..."

Which brings us to the end of our random tagging.  Like I said at the top, I have no intention of tagging anyone, so just do it if you want... I guess.  Any closing comments, Az?

"Get the hell to bed you stupid bastard!"



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